Rise & Shine Breakfast

Continental Breakfast $3.50/per person

Delicious assorted muffins, pastries and breakfast breads. Served with coffee, milk and assorted juices.

Breakfast Burritos $1.85/per person

Meat Burrito:

Sausage, ground turkey, bacon or chorizo with eggs, shredded potatoes & cheese.

Veggie Burrito:

Shredded potatoes with eggs, cheese, onion & bell peppers.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Cups $3.25/per person

A delicious decorative arrangement of pineapple, berries, melons and assorted seasonal fresh fruit.

Build Your Own Breakfast


Sausage - Bacon - Turkey Bacon


Scrambled - Cheese Omelet - S.Western Omelet - Eggs Benedict - Pouched Eggs - Denver Omelet - Veggie Omelet - Ham/Cheese Omelet


Pancakes - Waffles - French Toast


Hash Browns - Skillet Potatoes - Oatmeal

Grits - Fresh Fruit


Buttermilk Biscuits - Bagels - Mini Croissant  Toast - English Muffin - Muffin


Assorted Juices - Coffee - Milk

4 Items - $6.50

5 Items - $7.50

6 Items - $8.50

Each additional item chosen add $1.25/per person (Fresh fruit listed price)